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What We Can Help You With

Cash Flow Management

Understanding your cash flow is the cornerstone to financial planning. It determines how much cash you should have, as well as how much you can set aside for other goals. Predicting an accurate cash flow is also what will ensure that you can afford to maintain your lifestyle in retirement, when a steady paycheck is no longer coming in.

Cash Flow & Budget Analysis

We review your income and help set goals that align your income with your needs. The amount of money set aside for future goals is the only thing investors fully control. The markets may be volatile and various investments may not perform as expected. However, the decision to contribute more money to your 401(k) instead of spending it elsewhere is up to you and will often determine when/if you will reach your financial goals. We also review your expenses and can help create a budget. Moreover, we provide advice on creating an emergency fund and offer information on dollar cost averaging, mortgage review and lines of credit.

Investment Planning

We construct portfolios that are in line with your specific goals, timeline, and risk tolerance. We regularly monitor your portfolio’s performance and allocation, and we conduct meetings to discuss withdrawal strategies, changes within your portfolio’s allocation and time horizon. Not every investment works out and not every market goes up forever. If you are concerned about performance, a discussion about asset allocation should be at the top of your list. As needed, over time, we make any necessary changes to keep you aligned with your goals.

Assistance to Loved Ones

We help our clients understand gifting strategies and how-to best care for their loved ones. Whether it’s your kids, grand kids or whoever else you’d like to help further their education, there are tax efficient strategies you can use to help you achieve that goal. We provide advice on college planning, Roth IRAs for children, UGMA/UTMAs, and the establishment of Trusts. We also discuss how best to handle financial affairs and caregiving arrangements for your elderly loved ones

Legacy Planning

We assist our clients with their Estate Plans and work to ensure that their wishes are clearly stated and communicated. If you are incapacitated, who will make decisions for you? To whom do you want to leave your assets? Are there certain values that you would like to pass down to the next generation? We review documents and consider estate tax goals, legacy wishes, guardianship and beneficiary designations, and charitable planning. We will work closely with your Estate Planning Attorney to make sure the right plan for you is put into place.

Insurance Planning

We review existing insurance policies, providing a detailed analysis of life insurance needs and disability, as well as health insurance plans, homeowner’s insurance, and liability coverage. We discuss the importance of long-term care planning and help implement these types of insurance plans. If the breadwinner in the family dies or is injured, how will the family members pay their bills? Do you want to put the burden of caregiving on your family members or plan for assistance when the time comes? We help answer all these questions and we also include an analysis of health savings accounts (HSAs) and provide Medicare advice. 

Tax Planning

Some people don’t mind paying Uncle Sam a hefty sum of money. Most people, however, would prefer to keep that extra money and give it to people, organizations or causes of their choosing.  We offer advice regarding tax sensitive investing, review of cost-basis, carry forward losses, stock option exercise, and tax loss harvesting. In addition, we advise on potential Roth conversions, HSAs and FSAs, as well as pension buy-outs. There is never a reason to pay more taxes than legally required. We are happy to work closely with you CPA or tax advisor.

Retirement Planning

“Failure to plan is planning to fail” is a cliché about retirement I hear all too often because it’s absolutely correct. Retirement planning has been made easier and more effective with WealthMatch ™, which allows us to help create and then monitor our clients’ retirement goals. We offer a full Social Security analysis and cash flow analysis, and provide advice on income, expenses, budgeting, and planning for the short and long term. We educate you on IRA contributions and Roth Conversions and offer advice regarding the best retirement options. We also ensure that Annuities, Pension Plans, and Employer-Sponsored Plans are all on track. Lastly, we review and discuss RMDs, withdrawal strategies, Self-Employed Retirement Plans, and “bucket list” items, all with the idea of better preparing you for a brighter future. If you plan to maintain your current lifestyle for the next 30+ years then retirement planning is imperative.

Retirement & Taxes

Unfortunately, many retirees are shocked to find out just how much of their income is subject to taxes. According to the Nationwide Retirement Institute, one in four recent retirees have paid thousands of dollars more in taxes in retirement than they had anticipated. Nearly half (46%) of recent retirees wish that they had planned better for handling taxes in retirement. Without a comprehensive tax plan, you risk facing tax surprises that can debilitate your wealth in retirement.

Moreover, thoughtful tax planning around your investments can help you keep more of your retirement savings! Without a comprehensive tax strategy in place, many retirees may pay 3x more in taxes than they need to. For decades, your focus has likely been on building your nest egg and saving wealth so that you can live comfortably in retirement. However, if this is all your retirement plan entails, it is flawed. Because it is not just about how much you have saved for retirement, it is also about how much of that wealth you get to keep after taxes. An optimal retirement plan utilizes tax savings strategies and ensures that you are not paying more than you need to in taxes

Personal Financial View

We design a customized financial plan using our individualized wealth management system, Personal Financial View (PFV). Our clients can conveniently access this to remain informed regarding their financial plan and portfolio performance. PFV also offers a customizable client dashboard, where you can set goals and priorities, and communicate with us as needed.  We regularly monitor your PFV plan to ensure you are on track and in line with your goals.