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The Value of Good Advice

The Value of Good Advice

You may be asking yourself; do I need a Financial Advisor?

Various studies have attempted to quantify the value of a Financial Advisor. For example, Vanguard’s Advisor Alpha Study1 states the following:

Based on our analysis, advisors can potentially add up to, or even exceed, 3% in net returns by using the Vanguard Advisor’s Alpha framework.

More importantly, a recent study by Northwestern Mutual classified advisor value in terms of client’s level of confidence in their financial affairs2:

“The study also explored levels of certainty across a broad range of factors – beyond just finances – and found people who work with an advisor feel like they're on more solid ground across the board. When asked to rate their certainty levels on a scale of 1-100, the discrepancies were stark:

"Clearly, a range of factors impact the stability and certainty people feel in their lives," said Gerend. "But a good, trusted advisor can be an enormous help from a practical and emotional perspective, and that extends to people across all ages and circumstances."

At The Women’s Advisory Group, we do believe that we provide quantifiable value as indicated in the Vanguard study. More importantly, our focus is on alleviating your anxiety, de-mystifying complex financial concepts and helping you gain confidence in your own personal financial plan.