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Sara  Enos, CASL®, WMCP®

Sara Enos, CASL®, WMCP®

Financial Representative, Financial Planner

Financial services has always been a male dominated industry. When I started my career in 2002 as a Financial Services Representative at Fleet Bank on Federal Street in Boston, I stood apart from the suit and tie crowd with my wild curly hair and high heeled shoes. My job was to assist bank customers with large cash balances pursue a higher rate of return by investing in mutual funds and annuities. Some of my clients were widowed females who did not know what else to do with their money but put it in cash. It was so rewarding to know that I was having a positive impact on their financial futures by helping them build their wealth and increase security.

My location in downtown Boston made it difficult for my customers to see me frequently, and I was craving more impactful relationships. I was recruited to MetLife in 2002 to enroll teachers in retirement plans, make investment decisions and service their accounts. To meet new teachers, I would set up a table in the teacher’s lounge at schools throughout the South Shore and would frequently hear “my husband takes care of that” from the married women. As a child of divorce, my mother prepared me throughout my upbringing to be on my own and think independently. I would easily overcome these objections and was successful connecting with and enrolling new clients. Most of my teacher clients were women and I enjoyed educating and empowering them about their finances. Their husbands would also warm up to me over time, and I still work with many of these women today. Many of their husbands have passed on, but they still have me to rely on.

In 2009 I transitioned to Baystate Financial as a financial advisor where I could develop an independent practice. I have built my practice by delivering financial education seminars to employees of Fortune 500 companies. My educational approach sets me apart from my competition, and many women seeking financial advice would naturally gravitate to me after seminars and through word of mouth. After 21 years in financial services, I am thrilled to say I no longer hear women deferring to their husbands on financial matters.